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April 22 2024

Academic success with Living Learning English

Whether you are a student wishing to study abroad or advance your career in an English-speaking environment, mastering Academic English and achieving a high score in the IELTS exam are essential steps towards achieving your goals.

At Living Learning English we understand the significance of proficiency in academic settings and offer courses tailored to your individual needs. We believe in helping our students achieve their academic dreams, whatever that looks like.


Unlocking Academic Excellence

Fluency in Academic English is more than just vocabulary and grammar; it's about confidently expressing complex ideas, engaging in critical thinking, and communicating effectively in diverse academic contexts.

Our Academic English courses provide a structured approach to language learning, focusing on:


Language Skills

Focus on academic writing, speaking, reading, or listening, our courses are designed to work on all aspects of your English language, from mastering academic vocabulary to understanding complex sentence structures.


Academic Expertise

Academic success goes beyond language proficiency; it requires the ability to think critically and analyse information effectively. Through interactive sessions and exercises, we foster these skills in our students, as well as research, essay writing, presentations and preparation for group work.


Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is essential for effective communication. Our courses integrate cultural insights, allowing you to navigate academic and professional environments with confidence and sensitivity, through visits and activities in English, and preparation for school, university and work.


Student Wellbeing

Student wellness is of utmost importance to us, so we have a dedicated safeguarding officer, 1:1 care from our teachers, and welcome and check-in calls from our team. We know academic settings can put pressure on students, so our staff have the latest training and know how to care for students of all ages in academic settings.


Learner Progress

Practice makes perfect, but targeted practice with constructive feedback leads to excellence. We provide you with an individual study plan for achieving your personal study goals and use student learning styles. Our experienced instructors guide you through practice tests, identify areas for improvement, and provide personalised feedback to help you reach your target score. 


Developing Soft Skills

We think it's important for everyone to develop adaptability, time management, effective communication, problem-solving strategies and digital literacy. Our courses include relevant study skills and methods training and our teachers use digital materials that are continually updated to stay relevant.


Exam Preparation

We understand that preparing for the IELTS exam can be challenging, which is why we provide continuous support and motivation throughout your journey. Our courses equip you with proven test-taking strategies, time-management techniques, and tips for maximizing your score in each section of the exam.


Excelling in the IELTS Exam: Anastasiia's Story

Anastasiia had been studying for her IELTS exam at home in Ukraine and decided to book a Living Learning English Academic English course to prepare.

Academic writing had been the most challenging area for Anastasiia. Once she understood the value of planning an essay, with the help of her teacher, she was able to produce higher-quality work.

Anastasiia enjoys reading widely, so her teacher helped her to find the right texts to study, improving her lexical resources and improving her speaking to higher fluency and coherence.

Although her pronunciation was good, Anastasiia's teacher supported her to make even further improvements by practising the sounds 'v' and 'w' which she would sometimes mispronounce.

With the help of her teacher, Anastasiia worked extremely hard and achieved a top IELTS score of 8!


Why choose Living Learning English?

Experienced teachers: Our teachers are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in teaching Academic English and IELTS preparation courses.

Flexible learning options: Whether you prefer one-to-one immersion, an intensive crash course, or online learning, we offer flexible options to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.

Personalised approach: At Living Learning English, we understand that every student is unique, which is why we tailor our courses to meet your specific learning goals, interests, and level.

Proven track record of success: With our track record of helping students achieve their academic and professional goals, we are confident in our ability to empower you to succeed.




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