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November 20 2023

A Summer of Growth: Anhelina's Journey from Ukraine to the UK

Amidst the turmoil of war, the story of Anhelina, a Ukrainian teenager, stands as a beacon of resilience and hope. This summer, British Homes and Schools for Ukrainians (BHSU) and Children of Heroes brought Anhelina to the UK, providing her with a peaceful respite from the conflict at home and a chance to chase her dreams.

Anhelina's arrival was marked by a mix of shyness and the weight of loss; having tragically lost her father, a Ukrainian military pilot, to the war. But her summer was to be a transformative one, filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of a new family, as she stayed with Caroline, a former IT teacher and part of the Living Learning English homestay programme.

The programme's ethos is clear – immerse, interact, and improve. Through daily English lessons, explorative trips across the UK, and the simple act of living with a British family, Anhelina's English fluency blossomed. She forged friendships, notably with Sandra from Spain, which helped her navigate the complexities of a new culture.

An exceptional moment of kindness came when Caroline managed to find and gift Anhelina a set of stamps featuring her father – a touching reminder of her heritage and the heroism of her family.

The experience was more than just a language course; it was a step towards Anhelina's dream of becoming a pilot, following in her father's footsteps. By the end of her stay, the once-reserved girl was full of joy, bantering with her host family, and facing her future with newfound confidence.

The gratitude expressed by Anhelina's mother resonates deeply, highlighting the profound impact such programmes can have. Anhelina returned to Ukraine not just happier, but shining brightly, a testament to the success of the summer programme and the generosity of those who opened their homes and hearts to a child of war.

In essence, Anhelina's journey is a story of human kindness bridging the divides of conflict, of education as a pathway to personal development, and of the indomitable spirit of a young girl who, with support, took one step closer to the skies her father once soared.

We at Living Learning English are honoured to have played a part in Anhelina's journey and are inspired by her courage and growth. Her story is a powerful reminder of our mission to provide not just language education, but experiences that heal, empower, and inspire.

Read Anhelina's story in detail on the BHSU website here: https://www.bhsu.co.uk/anhelina-and-caroline/

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