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January 03 2024

Blanca and the Quintero Children's Lovely Winter in the UK

Living Learning English had the privilege of hosting Blanca, a dedicated nanny from Colombia, and the three children in her care for a special winter English course in the UK. Their stay with teacher Caroline was not just about language learning but also an exploration of British culture and customs.

The children aged between 8 and 13, each with their unique learning styles, thrived on Caroline's home tuition course. Their enthusiasm for learning was great showing progress in their language skills. The children's days were a blend of structured learning and playful exploration, helping them to naturally absorb the language in a comfortable and engaging home environment.

Blanca, committed to enhancing her English skills alongside the children, choosing a flexible learning schedule with LLE teachers online.

The children and Blanca’s time in the UK wasn’t just confined to the classroom. They ventured on numerous excursions that allowed them to engage with the language in diverse settings. These experiences, ranging from city tours to countryside explorations, provided them with great opportunities to use their new language skills in real-life situations, enhancing their learning experience.

Caroline played a pivotal role in their stay. She created a nurturing and welcoming environment, ensuring that Blanca and the children felt completely at home. This support was crucial in helping them adapt to a new culture and enjoy a quintessential British holiday season.

Blanca and the children's time in the UK is a shining example of the effectiveness of LLE's immersive language programmes. Their story highlights our flexible learning approaches, tailor-made teaching, supportive environments and practical experience in mastering a new language.

Blanca has also decided to continue her online lessons after  the end of the homestay course, thanks to the effectiveness of the learning experience.

We wish Blanca and the children all the best as they continue their language learning journey, and we look forward to hearing more about their progress.

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