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December 14 2023

Spend your boarding school holidays at a home away from home!

With the February half term and Easter breaks approaching, it's an opportune moment for boarding school students to enrich their academic journey. At Living Learning English, we are excited to offer our bespoke Academic Holiday Courses, designed to provide an immersive learning experience that blends educational enrichment in English with cultural exploration.

1. Tailored Learning Experience:

Our Academic Holiday Courses are uniquely tailored to meet the diverse needs of boarding school students. We understand the importance of maintaining academic momentum during the holidays, and our courses are crafted to reinforce and build upon the English language students have gained during term time.

2. Expert Tutors and Engaging Content:

Our team of expert tutors specialises in English for a wide variety of subjects, ensuring that each student receives personalised attention and guidance. The course content is not only academically rigorous but also engaging, making learning an enjoyable experience.

3. Cultural Immersion and Language Enhancement:

In addition to academic development, our courses offer an invaluable opportunity for cultural immersion. Students will have the chance to improve their English language skills through practical application, interactions with native speakers, and exploration of British culture and traditions.

4. February Half Term Focus:

The February half term course is designed to give students a head start in their academic pursuits. We focus on consolidating knowledge and preparing students for the upcoming term, with a special emphasis on addressing any areas of difficulty.

5. Easter Break Enrichment:

Our Easter courses are a perfect blend of revision and forward planning. Students will engage in intensive revision sessions to prepare for English language exams, alongside sessions aimed at developing study skills and exam techniques.

6. Safe and Nurturing Environment:

At Living Learning English, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our students. Our courses are conducted in a nurturing environment, fostering both academic growth and personal development.

7. Making Lifelong Memories:

Beyond academics, our courses help enable our students to make lifelong memories. This social aspect of our courses adds an invaluable dimension to the overall experience.


The upcoming February half term and Easter breaks are more than just a pause from regular school life; they are an opportunity for growth, learning, and exploration. Our Academic Holiday Courses at Living Learning English are designed to provide a holistic educational experience.

Interested in joining our Academic Holiday Courses? Visit here for more details: Living Learning English Academic Holiday Courses

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