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February 01 2023

English Tutors vs Victorian Governesses

Ah, the English tutor and the Victorian governess, two figures from different eras that have captured the imagination of many a reader. While one might think that the two are interchangeable, there is a world of difference between the two, and we're here to explore that difference!

Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair | CharacTour

Let's start with the governess, a figure that has been immortalized in literature such as Jane Eyre and Vanity Fair. These women were highly educated, often taking care of the children of the wealthy and acting as their teacher, friend, and moral compass. However, while they may have been the epitome of refinement, the life of a governess was not always easy. Long hours, limited social life, and a lack of control over their own lives often left them feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

But let's not forget the perk of having your own Gothic castle to wander around in. Talk about a change of scenery from the daily commute to the office!

Sorry, but Jane Eyre Isn't the Romance You Want It to Be - JSTOR Daily

Now, let's fast forward to the present day and the life of an English tutor in the UK. Gone are the days of being stuck in a remote country mansion, tutors in the UK have the advantage of bustling cities at their fingertips! They have the ability to schedule their own hours, interact with a wide variety of people, and have a work-life balance that allows them to pursue their own interests and passions. And let's be real, who wouldn't choose a cappuccino over a glass of watered down tea any day?

What's more, an English tutor in the UK can provide a level of customization that a governess could only dream of. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, they can tailor their lessons to meet the individual needs and interests of each student. No more endless hours spent drilling grammar and vocabulary, instead, lessons can be engaging and interactive, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective. Besides, who wouldn't want to spice things up with some 21st century slang every now and then?

And let's not forget the technological advancements that have made it easier for tutors to connect with students. With online tutoring and video conferencing, tutors can reach students anywhere in the world and provide quality education without the limitations of geography. Finally, a solution to the age-old problem of not having enough horses and carriages to reach all your students!

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So, what can we take away from this comparison? While the governess may have been a beloved figure in literature, an English tutor in the UK offers the best of both worlds. With the freedom, flexibility, and customization that comes with the modern world, tutors can provide a level of education that is both engaging and effective. Who wouldn't want to have the personalized attention of a governess combined with the convenience and freedom of a tutor in the heart of the city?

In conclusion, the life of an English tutor in the UK is a far cry from the confines of a Victorian governess, and we think that's something to celebrate! So, if you're looking for a tutor who can bring the best of both worlds to your learning experience, look no further than the bustling cities of the UK!

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