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March 18 2021

How we’ve adapted to the challenges of the pandemic

This year has been a challenging time to offer educational experiences to international students, so here’s how we’ve adapted what we offer, to make sure our students are still getting the very best, high-quality Living Learning English tuition during the pandemic.


Stays with Quarantine

If you are travelling to the UK for any reason, you will need to spend at least 10 days in quarantine before you can go to your school or university, or travel anywhere else.

Our 10-day course with quarantine means students can make the most of this time. We have excellent teachers all over the UK who can accept students for a 1:1 home tuition course and are fully trained to offer a high-quality, safe and enjoyable experience.

In addition to English language, we can offer 1:1 tuition in all subjects – ideal for students who need extra support or who are preparing for exams. You may know a student who is coming to the UK prior to a language school, boarding school or university who needs quarantine prior to arrival. We have a huge range of enjoyable indoor activities for students quarantining with their teacher.

Please contact us for more information about our stays with quarantine.


We guide you through every step of the process

We all know how confusing and difficult international travel has seemed this year. When you need to be tested, how long before you leave, how to take your tests… There's so much information out there!

We guide you through every step of the booking and COVID testing process, giving you clear information about the steps you need to take before, during and after travelling to the UK, and when you depart. All our teachers are trained in the latest advice and know how to safeguard students.

We care about our students’ safety and do everything we can to make travelling to the UK a safe and comfortable experience for you, down to giving you mask-wearing etiquette for your taxi ride to your teacher’s home. We will always be available to help and answer any questions you may have.


Holiday courses for Guardianship students

We offer school holiday and half-term courses in the teacher’s home to our guardianship students - in fact, any international students who are unable to return home during the school or university holidays.

Our teachers are ready to give a warm welcome to students for courses as well as some much-needed family time in lovely, homely settings. We have teachers available all over the UK, in cities, by the seaside and in the beautiful countryside, so we can accommodate students who are anywhere in the UK.

Click here for information about our academic holiday courses.


Longer stays

We’re encouraging students to book longer stays with us, and making sure we leave contingency time for testing requirements. The good news is, a longer stay will help you to catch up on any missed learning time in the past year, as well as enjoying more time to soak up the culture of the UK around your teacher’s home.


Online courses

We’ve been offering 1:1 English lessons online since 2018, so we were well placed to offer more of our teaching online when in-person teaching was paused last year. We moved whole courses online, and have been offering group lessons online too.

Click here for more information about our online courses.


COVID-safe stays

Our team has been working exceptionally hard (from home!) on our safeguarding practices and risk assessments to ensure that every person in our care is fully safeguarded and all potential risks to both teacher and student are minimised. We are confident that the measures that we have put in place are the best they can be and we are proud of the accreditations and quality standards we have achieved:

A student enjoying quarantine course activities in her teacher's home.


Giving you the latest information

Our COVID-19 web page is updated with new information as soon as we get it. You can check this page for the latest travel advice for passengers coming to the UK. This now includes pre-departure requirements for travel to the UK.

COVID-19 Updates


Book with confidence

LLE accepts all cancellations or postponements due to COVID-19 and full refunds will be given for all courses in 2021 if your course cannot go ahead.

We update our comprehensive COVID-safe plan with any changes to regulations and advice and we send you our full guidance with every booking enquiry that we receive.


We hope you feel reassured to book with us, knowing that we’ve taken all these steps to make sure our students have comfortable, enriching and fun stays with us here in the UK. 


We’ve got one last message from our Principal:

‘I’m so proud of our team, for all the hard work they’ve put in to make sure our students are safe and cared for during such an uncertain time’

Kate Hargreaves, Principal

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