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August 03 2022

Our Educational Guardianhip - Parent Testimonial

Guardianship student Pandeni came to the UK to study at the prestigious Clifton College school in Bristol, and his parents chose LLE as his educational guardians in the UK. We asked Pandeni's mother, Aune, about her experience with our Guardianship team!



What was your experience working with LLE Guardianship?

As parents we were very lucky to have selected LLE Guardianship as Pandeni’s guardians. We met with the LLE team in person when we brought our son to Clifton and were received with such warmth professionalism. The reception we received gave us more confidence and assured us that our son was in very good hands. We appreciated the constant communication between us as parents with the LLE team during the years and also the time spent to visit our son at school and participate in meetings on our behalf.

What was your experience of LLE arranging host families and transfers for Pandeni?

Pandeni has stayed with two host families during his studies at Clifton and I am happy to say that both of the families (Becky and Lindsay) had accepted Pandeni into their house, not as a stranger but more as an extended member of the family. While Becky’s family were quitter, Pandeni did a lot of outdoor activities with Lindsay and her family and was also much closer to her some where they did activities together. We would really like to extend our appreciation to the two families for having opened and shared their house with our son and for assisting him whenever it was necessary.


Aune and Pandeni

How do you think LLE helped Pandeni during his time at Clifton College?

In addition to being Pandeni’s guardians, LLE provided more support to Pandeni in terms of, as mentioned above, visiting Pandeni at school, arranging host families during his soccer trips which were not part of the school curriculum and ensuring, assisting with tutoring in subjects where he needed special support and ensuring that he travels safely between school and home.

Is there any way in which we could improve our services?

I did not face any challenges or problems with LLE and would encourage you to continue doing a great job.

Would you be happy to recommend LLE’s guardianship services?

I have already recommended a parents who is considering bring her daughter to Clifton and will continue to recommend and promote your services. It was honestly a pleasure working with you and thank you to the LLE Team for the support extended to Pandeni throughout the years.


- Aune, parent of Guardianship pupil



If you're interested in our Guardianship services, please contact our team for more information and to enrol - we have availability for the school year 2022 - 2023!

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