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June 27 2019

Welcome to the LLE blog!

We’ll be posting regularly from inside the Living Learning English offices in Bristol, with members of our team, our students and our colleagues around the world sharing their insights, stories, and knowledge with you. We care about your experience, and we’re here to help you with your English, but we also want to hear from you – we don’t know it all (even if we wish we did!)

Expect student stories, teacher profiles, breaking news and info, ways to maximise your English tuition experience and what to expect from learning English in the UK. We’re here to give you the inside track on LLE and the EFL industry, keeping you up to date with the latest news and advice, to help you get the most out of your English language course in the UK.

We’ll be zooming in on Living Learning Spanish (LLS) and our Guardianship programme, along with other LLE concerns – think ‘sustainability in EFL’ and ‘what BREXIT means for EFL in the UK’. From deciding which course is right for you – business English, online tuition or IELTS exam preparation - to the booking process, right through to your arrival in the UK and onwards through your English Language immersion journey, we will cover it all!

Join us as we explore EFL today, here at the LLE blog.

For our first ever post we’d like to introduce you to some of our former students, to illustrate the LLE experience first-hand!



Garance & Camilla, aged 13 & 14, from France & Spain

Garance and Camilla

Garance & Camilla were matched on our 2:1 summer programme. They had a very successful course and said they learned a lot from teacher Daniela and her family.


'It was a pleasure to teach Garance and Camilla, they are delightful students who are both conscientious, determined and inquisitive. I wish them all the best with their future studies' Teacher


'When I arrived, I was very impressed by the beauty of the house. I was the first to arrive so I was very shy with Daniela and Derik, but they were very welcoming and warm with me which made me immediately comfortable. The room is very big and very bright. Me and my friend have a bed each. We have windows, which overlook the garden. Inside there is a trampoline, swings, a pool with fish and a porch with a table and a hammock. We usually eat in the garden because it is a beautiful place. We are really happy becaus we love the excursion. For the first excursion we went to Cambridge, where we had see the Cold Fiz Wiliam museum. After that we went on Peambroke College. The college is really big is kept very well with many plants and there were planty of benches where you could eat, study and relaxing. Later, we panting on the river Camb, we learnt about history of the colleges. Daniela is really nice to us and the lessons are not boring and are not at all stressful because we talk a lot with her. We also play a lot of games with her. In a week we learned a lot and we made a lot of progress.' Student


Maude, Therapist from France


Maude studied with teacher Elaine in order to improve her English to promote her book, a best-selling memoir, in the UK. She has since taken four more LLE courses.


'As always, it has been a pleasure to have Maude in our house. We share a lot of interests and so are always able to have fun together. Since our last course, Maude has had two radio interviews with Australian radio, and an extended telephone interview with the Wall Street Journal. I have listened to both the radio interviews, and read the Wall Street article, and I am impressed by her excellent level of English. Her book is published in England early next year, and I feel she is well on her way to being able to handle a book launch in this country.' Teacher


'When I arrived at Elaine’s house for the first time, I was unable to speak or write English clearly. I was unable to read a book or an article in English. A year later, I have had interviews with ABC Australia and ABC Melbourne (radio programmes). Each of these lasted about 40 minutes and took the form of questions and answers. In addition, I have had an extended (one hour) interview with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal. In March I attended The London Book Fair, met with my English publishers and editors, and had several high level meetings. Thanks to my repeated Living Learning English courses, I have felt confident in each of these situations.' Student


Nuria, ETO Agent from Spain


Nuria chose an English for Business course to improve her confidence in English in her work, to help further her career. She enjoyed her time with teacher Tracy.


'Nuria made the decision to come to England for a week to improve her English for her career. She showed her full commitment to the LLE programme and totally embraced the learning experience whole heartedly, she also engaged with the family in such a sweet and friendly way that everyone instantly took a shine to her. She has been a total pleasure to have around, she has a lovely sunny, positive outlook on life. We had a great rapport, she was always very attentive and interested in what she was doing. Nuria was also always very helpful and considerate around the house.  We would love to see Nuria the next time she is in England, and she and her family are always welcome in our home.' Teacher


'I have just returned to the office this week and I wanted to thank Living Learning English for everything. My stay at Cirencester with Tracy from the 30th July until 5th August was absolutely perfect. I would like to stand out your perfect organisation and the kind treatment. Regarding my teacher, I’m pretty sure she was the perfect one for me. We had such a great time together and she made pleasant all her classes. For me it was so important to spend a lot of time just chatting and participating in my teacher’s daily routine and that’s why I’ve gained more confidence and fluency while speaking English (and obviously my good relationship with her was very important for my improvement).' Student


“LLE was outstanding and my family was the best I could have ever wished for. I felt like another member of the family during my stay. I’ve totally improved my fluency and my British accent and gained confidence while speaking”


Bonus! Ramon, Lawyer from Spain


Ramon booked an LLE course in order to improve his English for use in the workplace. As a senior lawyer, he wanted to work on his Legal English too.


“It was a pleasure to have Ramon stay with us on his homestay course. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours, and hope that our lessons together will help him feel more confident to use his English in the workplace.” Teacher


“I had a short amount of time to improve my English, and I wanted to study with someone who has had professional Business experience as well as qualifications in teaching English. I would totally recommend Living Learning English to my colleagues, their service is very professional and their teachers are excellent.” Student



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